Severance pays for ALL the employees of Azotara


Photo: YouTube

President of the Independent Trade Union of Pancevo-based Azotara, Gradisa Zivanovic, has said that due to the introduction of receivership in this factory, all 975 employees will receive severance pay, including 181 employees who were employed on January 1, 2014, when the Law on Employment Ban entered into force.

On Wednesday, state officials tried to challenge the right to severance pay for 181 employees, which the factory had to employ for an indefinite period of time, after two years of temporary employment, on the same day when the Law on Employment Ban entered into force.

“Since these workers were needed, we could not dismiss them, instead they were employed for an indefinite period,” Zivanovic told Beta agency.

After the meeting of the task force for that factory in the Ministry of Energy, he said that an agreement had been reached for these workers to receive severance pays, just as 68 workers who meet one of the conditions for retirement.

The registration for one of three severance pay models in Azotara is completed, and the largest number of workers, according to him, accepted the model according to which the severance pay will amount to one third of the income of an employee in a year of service.

The decision on the introduction of receivership should be made by the Commercial Court of Pancevo on August 10, when a hearing is scheduled for considering the reasons for receivership, which was a recommendation of the IMF due to the over-indebtedness of the factory amounting to over 200 million euros.

Source: Beta

Photo: YouTube