Spanish companies want to come to Serbia


Photo: Pixabay

Javier Alvarez, Head of the Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Office, has said that new Spanish companies are interested in coming to Serbia, B92 reports.

There are 24 Spanish companies registered for operating in Serbia, in the sectors such as engineering, construction, environmental protection, fashion, components for the automobile industry and railway, food industry, hotel industry, industrial equipment, etc. In general, the results so far have been favourable for these companies to such an extent that some of them are planning to expand their investments. Furthermore, we are familiar with the interest of several other Spanish companies in starting their business in Serbia, Alvarez said.

In addition to these companies, as he pointed out, there are many others that do business with Serbia, although they do not have offices or representative offices in the country.

According to him, the export of goods from Spain to Serbia reached EUR 247 million in 2017, while export from Serbia to Spain amounted to EUR 165 million, thus, total bilateral trade amounted to EUR 412 million.

“Since 2014, Spanish export to Serbia has recorded double-digit growth rates every year. In 2017, the growth was 23 percent compared to the previous year. Regarding Spanish import from Serbia, in the past four years, strong growth was registered at the beginning, which then stopped, recording a decline of 10 percent. Total bilateral trade has been continuously growing in recent years, recording an 8 percent growth rate in 2017,” Alvarez said.

Source: B92

Photo: Pixabay