Speed limit on regional roads to increase as well?


Photo: Pixabay

Along with increase of maximum speed on highways, it is possible that speed limit on regional roads in Serbia increases as well, Minister of Transportation Zorana Mihajlovic has announced.

Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure has said that, due to good quality of highways in Serbia, an increase in maximum speed to 130 kilometers per hour has been propose, and increase in speed limit on certain regional roads will be considered as well, provided that conditions are met.

“Our roads have different quality than they had before, we have almost completed highway on Corridor 10 and 17 million vehicles are using it more frequently than two years ago. It is important for us that people are well-rested when driving, rest stops are being opened along the Corridor, free Wi-Fi and chargers for electric cars have been introduced, and everything else that is necessary for safe and quality highway,” Mihajlovic has stated for TV station Happy.

She has said that there is zero tolerance when it comes to traffic safety and has emphasized that, since introduction of system for average speed control on highways, number of traffic accidents has decreased by 25 percent.

“When it comes to traffic safety, there is no and there will not be any tolerance, since 600 people die on our roads on annual basis,” minister has said.

Source: N1, Beta

Photo: Pixabay