Starting a company in few ‘clicks’


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In order to register a business, entrepreneurs do not have to personally visit the register at the Business Registers Agency (BRA) as of the beginning of this year. For almost four months, a fully digital electronic registration of entrepreneurs has been operating.However, only few have chosen to ‘click and sign-up’. The new service has been utilized by less than three percent of the 9,606 newly introduced small businesses.

From 1st of January, the complete registration procedure for entrepreneurs can be conducted via Internet. The most important requirement is that the future entrepreneur has electronic signature and payment card in order to electronically pay the fees. Some of the users of this service, however, have encountered a problem in other organizations.

– Some institutions require a paper decision from the BRA to implement their procedures, and on this occasion we recall the provisions of the Law on Business Companies which stipulate that everyone is aware of the registered data starting from the date following the date of publication of the registration of data on our website – say in the Business Registers Agency. – Some institutions do not accept an electronic seal registration document, even though the stamp is out of use and does not need to be on the documents.

Electronic registration of entrepreneurs is 30 percent cheaper than “paper registration”. The data from the e-application is simultaneously forwarded to the Tax Administration, for the purpose of recording for the flat-rate taxation, VAT registration and notification of the Tax Administration on the payment of personal earnings. They are also forwarded to the Central Registry of Compulsory Social Security.

– This is a big news for both state authorities and citizens, so we are aware that it takes time for everyone to adapt to a new way of providing administrative services, but we expect future entrepreneurs who have not done so to obtain certified electronic signatures – says Miladin Maglov, registrar responsible for the work of the Register of Business Entities. – A certified electronic signature can be taken for free.

How Much Do You Know?

AGENCY for Business Registers started a survey among entrepreneurs who registered on paper. They are trying to find out if they are familiar with the new BRA service and how to get information about the documentation they need to register. The aim of this survey is to inform the BRA and inform its users about the new service.

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Photo: Pixabay