Tax collection is improving


Photo: Pixabay

In the first six months, the Tax Administration collected RSD 710 billion, i.e. 38 billion more than in the same period last year.

Tax collection has been significantly increasing for the third consecutive year. The leading categories in terms of increased tax collection are social contributions and VAT, and the surplus in the state budget was also contributed to by the good results achieved in the detection of tax evasion.

Mira Stanojev of the Collection Sector of the Tax Administration says that in comparison with last year, the collection of public revenues administered by the Tax Administration increased by 5.6%. “The growth trend is registered with all basic and most important public revenues,” Stanojev said.

With the growth of more than eight percent, the leading categories are contributions and VAT. As a result of targeted controls, newly discovered tax revenues, mostly VAT and excise taxes, are also rising.

Nenad Krtolica of the Control Department of the Tax Administration says that the control of public revenues was performed at 3,700 taxpayers. “Irregularities were discovered with every other taxpayer, and undiscovered revenues of RSD 14 billion were determined on this basis,” Krtolica said.

The collection of income tax, which rose most last year, is at the same level, and there are also other indicators that point to the good trend in the economy.

Considering that last year was record-breaking for VAT collection and VAT refund, it is even more important to note that since the beginning of the year RSD 124 billion was refunded to businessmen, which is 20% more than in the same period last year.

Source: RTS

Photo: Pixabay