Tender for reconstruction of the Republic Square


Photo: Beoinfo

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has announced the tender for reconstruction of the Republic Square.

Space among the National Theatre, National Museum, Reunion Palace, “Dom stampe”, Kolarceva and Makedonska streets, from Zoran Djindjic’s Plateau (near “Staklenac”) will be constructed based on a design that won first place on the competition conducted during 2015.

Space encompassed by the project is around 1.5 hectares, out of which two thirds are intended to pedestrian zones, city authorities have announced.

Four traffic lanes paved by stone bricks are planned on the Republic Square, and parts of Francuska, Kolarceva and Makedonska streets will be reconstructed in order for those lanes to fit in.

Around 250 meters of water and sewage pipes as well as electric cables and telecommunication network will be replaced and renewed during reconstruction.

As announced by city manager Goran Vesic, existing greenery will partially be preserved on the Republic Square, and twenty new five-meter trees will be planted and 350 square meters of new lawn will be made.

Source: Beta

Photo: Beoinfo