The Chinese and the Russians are the main builders in Serbia


Photo: Pixabay

Although the European Union is Serbia’s biggest partner in terms of overall investments, if one observes infrastructure projects in transport and energy industry, the Chinese and the Russians are dominant in that segment.

The data shows that the EU at the time allocated EUR384 million from the EBRD loan for construction of the southern and eastern branch of the Corridor 10. Also, the EU funds reconstruction of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad railway with EUR73 million in grants, and Brussels has also secured EUR50 million for gas interconnection with Bulgaria.

On the other hand, the Chinese company Shandong is working on construction of Corridor 11 at the sections Obrenovac-Ub and Lajkovac-Ljig and this project is worth US$333.7 million. The consortium of Chinese companies CRBC is hired on the construction of Corridor 11 at the section Surcin-Obrenovac, and total investment is worth US$233.96 million.

At the end of last year CCCC company signed a contract with the competent authorities in Serbia for design and construction of the E-763 highway on the Corridor 11, from Preljina to Pozega, in total length of 30.9 kilometres, worth EUR450 million.

Chinese companies are also hired in construction and reconstruction of the railway infrastructure.

Projects implemented by Chinese enterprises in Serbia are financed from the loan approved by “Eksim Bank” from that country.

Source: Danas

Photo: Pixabay