The Curious Case of the Nis Airport and the Firm Hand of the President


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Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic says that the state doesn’t have to take over the ownership of the Constantine the Great airport, but in that case the city of Nis shouldn’t ask for money for its modernisation.

When asked by a journalist why the state intended to take over the Nis airport, the president said that this initiative was launched in order for the state to invest in the expansion of the runway and building of the control tower.

“You want Nis to operate the airport, no problem. Just stop asking for investments,” Vucic said.

He said that since 2014, the state has increased the number of passengers from 1,135 to 331,582 by investing in the airport’s infrastructure.

He rejected claims that the takeover of the Nis airport was a condition of the concessionaire of the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla”, the French company Vinci.

“We gave Nis a great deal of money through subsidies, we’re offering more, but if you don’t want it, elect another local government and thank you for not asking for money,” Vucic said.

Source: Various agencies

Photo: Screenshot