The factory in Ivanjica prepares 44 dismissals


Photo: Pixabay

The Spik Iverica company based in Ivanjica, which operates within the group Fantoni from Italy, has announced a reduction in the number of workers, because of which 44 employees will be dismissed.

A representative of the Trade Union “Nezavisnost” of Spik Iverica, Miljko Radovic, has told reporters that the management says that the reason for the dismissal is decreased production due to the lack of raw materials and a reduced market.

He added that the operation of the factory was also affected by the complaints of the locals living near the factory, who complained about noise and pollution.

“We have had a number of meetings with the management, and the trade union cannot do anything more. Last year, a social welfare program was implemented, within which 40 workers were dismissed, with a severance pay amounting to 33% of gross personal income, as stipulated by the Law, which the employer complied with,” said Radovic.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay