The Government appoints Goran Adzic as Acting Director of Zeleznice Srbije


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The Serbian Government has appointed Goran Adzic as Acting Director of the railway company Zeleznice Srbije. He was previously working in the railway infrastructure sector, reports the Vecernje novosti daily.
A month and a half ago, Miroslav Stojcic, the only one out of four directors of the railway companies who was selected through a public call for applications, submitted his resignation to that position, the Novosti daily recalls.
Stojicic said at the time that he had resigned from office because his work had been obstructed and he had been prevented from having the company’s assets at his disposal, but he also pointed out that his term expired on January 17 this year.
His management of the company was made difficult because the Serbian government did not adopt a new status of the company, and the assets and the account were blocked by enforcement officers because of the employees’ lawsuits.

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Photo: Pixabay

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