The Governor explained to us why we should use domestic payment card


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The Governor of the National Bank of Serbia Jorgovanka Tabakovic, has stated today that Serbia wants to promote the DinaCard system, similar to practice of all more developed and powerful countries, by developing a domestic card scheme.

She has said that everyone should have a DinaCard, since that way one has security in accessing personal account.

“Such a wealthy state and individual who can afford a luxury to make payments with cards of international brands in small shops does not exist,” she has said.

She has reminded that the first transaction with DinaCard was realized on October 7th 2003. “DinaCard was founded by NBS and commercial banks, with a goal that is being promoted today even today, to increase the number of non-cash payments and reduce the stake of underground economy,” she has said.

Tabakovic has sent a message to banks not to represent Dina as a new product, “thus stalling the implementation of the law based on which every citizen of Serbia should have enabled access to personal payment account with a card that can be used in Serbia.”

As of August 17th banks will issue domestic DinaCard free of charge to citizens who open a current account, and besides it they will be able to receive other cards of international card systems as well, as additional ones, but only at client’s request. Retailers can also expect novelties as of December, as banks will have to deliver them detailed statements on expenses that refer to non-cash transactions, POS terminals, etc.

Besides that, all basic cards that expire after August 17th will have to be replaced by a domestic Dina following their expiration, and if they are international (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), one will be able to renew them, but at client’s request and not by the will of the bank, only as additional.

Source: Beta/BIZLife

Photo: Beta