The highway will not go across Al Dahra’s land


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The Minister of Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic stated that the Belgrade-Zrenjanin highway route is not yet familiar, but she pointed out that this road will not be built on land bought by the company Al Dahra from the United Arab Emirates.

She told reporters that the project-technical documentation for this road is incomplete, as tender that the Province of Vojvodina announced failed, but she confirmed that the Belgrade-Zrenjanin highway will be built.

“There is a decision in the Serbian government on a work group with the Chinese company Shandong, regarding the project of construction of a road between Belgrade and Zenjanin. It’s clear that we need highway there. We are now waiting for a new public call to be announced and to discuss and consider the route,” Mihajlovic said.

She added that potential route is being considered within the Ministry of Transportation as well, but she thinks it is too early to discuss this, until experts who get the tender do not provide proposal of the route to Government’s work group.

When asked by journalists whether route across Al Dahra’s land can be avoided, Mihajlovic replied that highway “cannot go across this land”.

“The highway cannot go along the same route of the existing road to Zrenjanin and which currently goes across Al Dahra’s land,” she said, adding that highway requires a lot of space and that space it will certainly not be the land that Al Dahra bought.

Source: N1, Beta

Photo: screenshot