The Informal Sector Costs Serbia a Kilometre of Highway a Day


Photo: A.M.

The president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Cadez says that due to the informal sector, Serbia loses a kilometre of highway every day and that there are no sectors in the economy that are not affected by illegal competition.

Cadez stated that the figures show that the services, retail, tourism and textiles sectors are the ones most exposed to the informal sector, and that as many as 60% of textile goods on the domestic market are connected to the informal sector.

“One can find smuggled goods at the market that have no certificate,” Cadez said.

He pointed to complex problems such as customs clearance, tariffs and import pricing, stating that the purpose of more than a hundred SCC initiatives over the past year has been fighting the informal sector.

Cadez pointed out that the legal economy is the biggest loser when it comes to the informal sector and pointed out that it is important that the state does everything it can in the fight against illegal competition.

The SCC president praised NALED for its systematic and coordinated dealing with the problem of the informal sector through the integration of various segments of the state administration for the purpose of combating the informal sector more effectively.

“That doesn’t mean we will win this war, but at least we’ll star supressing the informal sector,” Cadez said.

Source: Blic

Photo: A.M.