The only bid for “Sava Centar” rejected


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A bid of the company “Delta Holding” for “Sava Centar” was rejected, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic said, with a remark that negotiations with Delta will continue.

The Commission for Implementation of the Procedure for Selection of Partner in Reconstruction and Facility Management of Public Enterprise “Sava Centar” reached a decision to decline the bid of the company “Delta Holding” as it is incomplete, says Vesic.

“At the same time the Commission gave recommendation to Belgrade City Assembly to commence direct negotiations with the company “Delta Holding” since they were the only bidder who participated in the procedure and laws foresee such possibility,” said Vesic in his statement.

He said that Belgrade accepts proposal of the Commission and it will start direct negotiations with the only bidder, the company “Delta Holding”, based on the bid placed by that company.

“If negotiations are successful, the contract will be presented to aldermen of the Belgrade City Assembly who will decide whether the contract will be adopted or not.”

If the negotiations are not successful, we will inform general public what City of Belgrade will do to have “Sava Centar” reconstructed and operating successfully, Vesic added.

Source: Novosti

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