The Politics: The bank profit in 2017 equals 60 billion dinars


Photo: Pixabay

Last year, banks in Serbia generated a profit of more than 60 billion dinars, which is about half a billion euros, writes today’s Politika.

This amount of bank profit is the best in the last ten years, that is, since the beginning of the global economic crisis, and was achieved despite a drastic fall in interest rates.

It is added that at the top of the list of banks with the largest earnings, there are no rules. The highest profit of 12 billion dinars, was realized by AIK Bank. In a year, their profits almost tripled, which ranged from the fourth place in 2016 to the first in 2017.

“Banca Intesa was removed from the throne it held for years, being in second place last year. That, however, does not mean that its earnings are lower. The financial statements shows that last year, they earned 11.8 billion dinars, which is one fifth more than in 2016,” Politika said.

The third place is held by Komercijalna Banka whose profit was 8.1 billion dinars, followed by Societe Generale bank with a profit of 6.6 billion dinars, Unicredit with a profit of 6.6 billion dinars, the same as the Raiffeisen Bank.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay