The Sava Centre gets a new director based on “an accelerated procedure”


The Belgrade City Assembly has appointed economist Djordje Mazinjanin as the acting director of the Sava Centre, the largest congress centre in Serbia, based on an accelerated procedure.

As stated in the proposal for his appointment, Mazinjanin graduated from the ICT College of Vocational Studies in Belgrade, got a master’s degree from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, where he also completed specialist studies.

He also graduated from the Faculty of Management of the Megatrend University and received a PhD from the Faculty of Business Studies of the Megatrend University on the topic “Model of the Management of Public Civil Service Infrastructure in Electronic Operation of the City Administration”.

In March 2016, Mazinjanin was employed as deputy director of the Sava Centre, and since September 2016 he has been the executive director of the company.

In his biography, it is stated that he has been engaged in folklore dance for about 45 years, “as a dancer and choreographer of folk songs and dances and an organizer of cultural events”.