The Tax Administration to increase control


Photo: Pixabay

As of March 1, the Tax Administration will transfer jurisdiction related to gambling activities to newly established Game of Chance Administration within the Ministry of Finance, and via centralization process it will also decrease the number of branch offices.

The number of branch offices of the administration will be reduced from the current 78 to 37 via centralization process, the Tax Administration confirmed for the “Tanjug” agency.

Transferring jurisdiction for collection of drainage fee, jobs related to exchange and foreign exchange operations and jobs related to gambling operations is part of the process of job allocation that does not fall under the core business of the Tax Administration.

This year, the Tax Administration will “strengthen tax control” by consolidating field and office controls, and further centralization will be carried out through reduction of number of branch offices, from 78 to 37, which means that there will be 7 branch offices in Belgrade instead of existing 17.

Even with changes in structure, the Tax Administration will remain at 78 locations in Serbia, and premises that will no longer serve as branch offices will still provide services to general public.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

Photo: Pixabay