There will not be two technical tests per year


Photo: Pixabay

By adopting the Bill on Amendments to the Law on Road Traffic Safety, the Government revoked the obligation for citizens who have vehicles older than 15 years to undergo technical tests every six months.

As stated on the website of the Government, “by abolishing this obligation, the Government of Serbia has done a favour to a large number of people who own older vehicles.”

Furthermore, this legal decision abolishes the so-called zero technical inspection for newly manufactured vehicles.

The owners of these vehicles are allowed to conduct the first vehicle registration without submitting proof of technical roadworthiness and the first regular technical inspection is postponed until the expiration of a period of two years from the first registration at the latest.

Amendments to the law also tightened by penalties for speeding outside populated areas, the press release says.

Source: RTS, Vlada Srbije

Photo: Pixabay