“They predict a 3% drop in GDP, we can do better if the coronavirus does not destroy us”


President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has stated that a completely unpredictable situation with the coronavorus is ahead of us, which is why we will face many economic challenges. “So far, we have managed to fight and achieve exceptional results in the economy. Today, we paid a minimum wage for 1,107,000 workers, RSD 278 billion is the total aid to the economy. “Small Serbia has injected EUR 2.35 billion into its economy in the previous three months,” Vucic said. “Pensioners should not worry, pensions will arrive on time,” he added. He said that the growth estimates of several EU countries were decreasing and that they would record a drop of more than 10%, which was not expected. Germany’s GDP is projected to drop by 6.3 percent, Belgium’s by 8.8 percent, Croatia’s by almost 11 percent, and Portugal’s by 10 percent. “For us, a drop by 3% of GDP is predicted, we think we can do better if the coronavirus does not destroy us. All the numbers drop every day. We have to fight to save our national airline. Big Airbus fired 15,000 people. Little Air Serbia has not dismissed anyone yet,” Vucic said. He added that 100 million euros would be invested in roads in Serbia without increasing the budget deficit, and high investments would continue.

Source: BIZLife