Upcoming tender for RTB: Recapitalization US$350 million


Photo: Beta

The Government announces a tender for selection of a strategic investor for “Rudarsko-topionicarski basen Bor” on Wednesday and as the RTS discovers, the Government is looking for a strategic partner that can become stakeholder in RTB with cash recapitalization of US$350 million.

Strategic partners interested in RTB can submit their request until August 20th. Precondition for taking applications into consideration is deposit or bank guarantee of US$1 million. Strategic partners who have been continuously involved in exploitation of copper and other coloured and precious metals in the last ten years, and with revenues of at least US$0.5 billion during last year can apply for the tender.

A fee of ten thousand dollars must be paid for the privatization documentation. So far 11 companies from Russia, China, Canada, Turkey and Kazakh-European Consortium have shown interest in RTB. It is Government’s priority to preserve 5,000 jobs and open the possibility for new employment.

Source: RTS

Photo: Beta