Used “German” cars got competition in Serbia


Photo: Pixabay

For years, Serbia has been the market for used German vehicles, but it seems that, in terms of sale, one car has succeeded in taking off the throne the undisputed “Golf 2”, which, even under the local age criteria, has retired.

There is definitely a strong belief that the German cars are the best. The essence probably lies in the certain safety that these cars provide, according to the website for car ads “Moj auto”.

As an example, which is often mentioned, which speaks of the mentioned safety, drivers in Serbia, commenting on the streets and roads full of holes, say that German cars have strong shock absorbers. Thus, although the equipment is often more expensive for German cars, their shock absorbers can be replaced once in three years, while in French or Italian cars this should be done once a year.

Virtually every German car is in demand. The most popular cars are Volkswagen Polo and Opel, most often Astra, because they are German, but not so expensive, the website says. Formerly the most popular car in our country “Golf 2” has gone into history, but its successors, i.e. more recent Golf models are not so popular, mostly due to the high price, so its place was taken over by VW Polo from the range of German cars.

Source: Blic

Photo: Pixabay