Where is Serbia on the lists of congress tourism?


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In 2017, Serbia took the 42nd place in the world and 22nd in Europe with a total of 71 sets of international associations, according to the new published data of the International Association for Congress and Conference ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). “This is a great success if we have in mind that in the region in front of our country are only Croatia, Greece, Hungary and Austria which are world powers in this area, “said the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS).

According to him, Belgrade was ranked 46th in the world and 24th in Europe, with 51 international gatherings, and immediately behind Belgrade are Washington, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Chicago.

“Belgrade is in front of the vast majority of the capitals in the region, while only Athens, Budapest and Vienna, which are located in the world’s top with 190 gatherings, are better placed than it,” TOS states.

Novi Sad, the second largest city and congress destination in Serbia, has shared the 325th place in the world, 159th in Europe, along with a few other destinations which hosted seven gatherings in 2017.

The annual comparison of countries and cities, according to TOS, is one of the most important references in the world congress industry, and meetings in this database include meetings of international associations that must have at least 50 participants, to be held on a regular basis (one-time events are not included ) and to rotate between at least three different countries.

These results coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Congress Bureau of Serbia, a special department of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, established in 2007.

“It is realistic to expect that, in addition to the newly opened and planned facilities in the hotel sector and the development of a network of destinations in air transport, additional investments in the congress infrastructure will provide the opportunity for Serbia to further strengthen its position as a congress destination in the coming period,” as said in the statement.

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Photo: Pixabay