Where Serbia ranks in the world of illicit trade


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According to Global Report on Illicit Trade Index Serbia is in 57th place among 84 countries, American Chamber of Commerce to Serbia (AmCham) has announced. Report on ranking of 84 countries based on illicit trade index has been announced by the “The Economist Intelligence Unit” (EIU) in Brussels, a world leader in global business surveys that does business within “Economist” group.

Countries, among which for the first time are those from the region of Balkans as well, have been elected in a way to provide representative overview of the situation on a global level, bearing in mind differences in geographic regions, population and level of development. Thus, Montenegro is in 63rd and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 74th place on the list.

Four categories have been observed: government engagement, customs environment, commerce and transparency and supply and demand, and each category encompasses between two and five indicators.

Results of the report will be presented in details on June 20th in Belgrade, at conference by the American Chamber of Commerce to Serbia dubbed “Illicit Trade and Grey Economy – International and Local Perspective.”

Key challenges and next steps in suppression of illicit trade and grey economy in Serbia and on the Balkans will be discussed at the conference, for the purpose of establishing more favourable business climate.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay