Who made most profit from Kosovo customs duties?


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Kosovo’s blockade of the import of goods from Serbia, which causes an annual damage of EUR 500 million for the Serbian economy, has been beneficial for the neighboring economies, as well as for the most developed economies of the world, tomorrow’s issue of the Blic daily reports.

According to the data referred to by the daily, in February this year, Kosovo increased import by 13.4 percent, i.e. EUR 27 million compared to February 2018.

It mainly increased purchases from Slovenia, which sold goods to the companies in Kosovo worth EUR 9.3 million more compared to the previous year.

Ranked second is North Macedonia, which exported goods to Kosovo in February worth EUR 7 million more than in the same period last year.

It is followed by Albania and Turkey, from which Kosovo increased purchases by EUR 6 million respectively.

According to the Blic daily, it is interesting that the fifth and sixth places are occupied by Germany and China. They increased export to Kosovo by a total of about five million euros.

A significant increase of about 1.5 million euros was also recorded by Croatia, while companies based in Montenegro also recorded growth of about 400,000 euros.

Source: Beta

Photo: Beta