Will Fiat remain in Serbia after changes at the helm of the company?


Photo: Youtube

Zoran Markovic, President of the Federation of the Independent Trade Union of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia, does not expect that the change of the executive director of Fiat Chrysler will change the basic business guidelines, reports the Politika daily.

“It was announced that Fiat Chrysler would remain in Serbia, which means that the new contract will be signed and that there is no reason for concern,” Markovic said, after Michael Menley replaced Sergio Marchionne as the executive director.

Markovic also notes that the factory in Kragujevac currently has greater concerns than who manages the company at the global level, such as employment, number of working days, working conditions, etc.

A month and a half ago, Marchionne published a five-year business strategy of the company Fiat Chrysler, which states that the car giant will continue to produce Fiat 500-L in Kragujevac, so the question is whether his departure will change the company’s business plans.

As the newspaper states, when reviewing FCA’s financial report, it is evident that business revenues in 2017 dropped by more than 20 billion dinars, which is about 170 million euros.

Source: Politika

Photo: Youtube