Environment in Serbia: Lack of funds and political will (VIDEO)


Photo: Pixabay/Koalicija 27/ Siniša Obrenić

Condition of the environment in Serbia requires far greater investments in all its aspects, and consequently more political will as well – this is one of key conclusions of the latest “Shadow report” of the Coalition 27 that monitors and publishes critical overview of Serbia’s progress in preparations for membership to the European Union, in part that refers to Chapter 27, i.e. environment.


Duska Dimovic, representing regional office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has presented the most important findings of the report in behalf of Coalition 27, pointing out that widespread opinion of environmental funding being expensive and Serbia not being able to afford the necessary investments right now is a major misconception.

“We are paying the price of negligence for the environment right now, and dearly – from medical expenses and premature deaths due to polluted air to job absences due to sickness and loss of income, from loss of biodiversity to climate changes and natural disasters. In the end one will pay the price, one way or the other!”, Dimovic has concluded.

She has invited the Government, local self-governments, nongovernmental organizations and international development partners to engage themselves more intensively in this field.



"Poglavlje 27 u Srbiji: Izveštaj o (ne)napretku".

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Posted by Jedan stepen Srbija on понедељак 14. мај 2018.


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Photo: Pixabay/Koalicija 27/ Siniša Obrenić