Brain holds the greatest profit – invest in it


Bachelor of Textile Engineering is her educational background. She has commenced her business career as a school professor, worked in trade industry, as a seamstress and caterer, in tourism, consulting, as a mentor, held trainings. Snezana Peric from Loznica is a mother and a grandmother today, yet her spirit as an entrepreneur is not fading away. Quite the contrary.

“Back in 1991 I decided to open a private shop, for the purpose of gaining extra profit for my family. Those were war years, my husband was mobilized and I remained home with two small kids (a three-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son). During hyperinflation my salary was not sufficient even for bare existence. This is why I opened “Boutique IN” that was registered as a tailor shop. I went there and sew and designed by myself, as back then that was the only way to create your own products and conquer the local market,” Snezana says.

She secured startup capital by borrowing money from friends, as at the time there were no incentives and loans.

“Subsequently my business expanded and progressed. I left my job in school and completely devoted myself to personal business. Back in 2003 I purchased my office space but I also started a new business – caterer. I opened “Café IN”. I am very communicative and social person by nature with large circle of friends. This led me to open a catering establishment that is still working in downtown Loznica.”

Source: BIZLife

Writes: Tanja Njegomir