Grew up in Salzburg, studied in Milan and started her business in Zagubica


Young designer Milica Bainovic grew up in Salzburg. She studied fashion in Milan but returned to land of her ancestors and started her business in Zagubica. She gathered women who know how to knit and make handmade clothing and today they are creating collections with motifs of Homolje Mountains. Catwalks of world’s capitals have become her reality. She sells her designs all over the world, mostly in Europe and the United States.

“I always liked knitting. I love fashion. I finished high school of economics but I studied and received bachelor’s degree in fashion design. I graduated in Italy, in Milan, however I wanted to go back to my country and try to work here. I have never lived in Serbia since I grew up abroad, but I have recognized potential and the fact that this job might function.”

Source: BIZLife

Writes: Tanja Njegomir