How “Crna ovca” went from being an anti-brand to a super-brand


Photo: Crna ovca

They did not have an idea to create a recognizable brand, yet they have become one. They did not think they will conquer the market in relatively short period, but there are lines forming in front of their shop. They did not know anything about the job they are doing, but they are making a quality ice cream today. The only thing in which they firmly believed is success. Ivan Zivic and his friends have invested EUR150.000 in the business and opened “Crna ovca” ice cream shop back in 2015.

“We are not people with background in catering industry. We worked as tour guides. We are friends who wanted to start their own story. It was only a question whether to start something outside Serbia, or to try to create something here. The thing that connects us, other than being friends, is affection towards food. One can see that in us as well – we love to eat, to cook and to create food. When you work as a tour guide you can learn about numerous cultures. We found food culture in a particular country the most interesting, as well as things that set that food apart, type of food and the way that food is prepared. We have quickly reached a conclusion that food business is what we want to do,” Ivan Zivic says.

His friends Zoran Jeftovic, Bojan Radonja and Vladimir Rankovic have also joined the business. In May 2015 they opened a store in Belgrade and one year later they opened one in Novi Sad as well.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Crna ovca

Writes: Tanja Njegomir