In the middle of July FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SERBIA


Photo: JA Europe

The biggest event in the field of entrepreneurial education in Europe will be held at different locations in Belgrade from July 16th to 19th and more than 500 guests from 36 countries, as well as senior Serbian officials, who will provide their support to promotion of young people’s entrepreneurial spirit, are expected to attend it.

The Junior Achievement network is organizing the event in one of the member countries, and this year Serbia, i.e. Junior Achievement network received the honour, which is a matter of prestige and good reputation within the network.

Student-company is the most famous program of global Junior Achievement Worldwide network that is based on the principle of “learning through work” – students under the supervision of trained teachers and mentors create the company, develop it and close it during a single school year. They are involved in development and management of their companies all the time, with real products and services, and they are also able to manage earned money on their own.

Student-company “Groove Street” of the Fifth Economic School in Belgrade will represent our country at the competition.

The Junior Achievement organization has been implementing educational programs in field of entrepreneurship in schools across Serbia for 13 years, and it is a part of global network Junior Achievement Worldwide, that has existed since 1919.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: JA Europe