A direct line with Novi Beograd: FIRST TRAMS across the Ada Bridge (PHOTO)


Photo: Beta/Beoinfo

After a month of testing tram traffic, due to synchronization of switches and waiting for a usage permit, first trams have started crossing the Ada Bridge this morning. Tram traffic across the Ada Bridge connects Banovo Brdo and Rakovica with Novi Beograde, and trams 11 and 13 are transporting passengers via this bridge. “From this morning at 4:30 am, trams 11 and 13 have started traffic via the Ada Bridge, as we promised. Trams and rails were successfully tested in the past month, and yesterday afternoon we were given the approval to use trams with passengers on the new rails,” Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic has said, adding that Belgrade bridged the Sava River with a tram line after 35 years. “It was my pleasure to wait for the first tram that crossed the Ada Bridge at 4:30 and take a picture for the history books”, Vesic has written on Facebook.

Source: BIZLife/Beoinfo

Photo: Beta/Beoinfo

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