A town in which wealthy men and women of Serbia are “hiding”


Photo: Youtube

The Tax Administration reports that last year there were as many as 99 millionaires at the territory of Krusevac – four more than in 2016 when 95 people realized income higher than the legal limit of RSD2,375,136 based on the applications for establishing annual income tax of citizens.

Among towns that are under the jurisdiction of Regional Tax Administration Office in Kragujevac only residents of Kraljevo are behind residents of Krusevac, based on the number of employees with exceptionally high salaries, with 96 taxpayers in this category. There are 141 taxpayers in Uzice, 157 in Cacak and most of them are in the town on the Lepenica River – 398, the “Novosti” daily reports.

Source: Večernje novosti

Photo: Youtube