Agreement on design and construction of the first section of Belgrade-Sarajevo highway signed


Photo: Beta/Miloš Miškov

Representatives of the Serbian government and Turkish company Tasyapi have signed a commercial agreement on design and construction of the first section of Belgrade-Sarajevo highway today, from Sremska Raca to Kuzmin, worth EUR250 million.

Agreements on construction of 376 apartments for members of the law enforcement sector in Nis and Vranje.

The Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic has said to journalists following signing of an agreement that construction of Belgrade-Sarajevo highway will commence in 2020.

“Turkish company Tasyapi will work on reconstruction of the road from Novi Pazar to Tutin. We expect of them to do this in accordance with the agreement and in timely manner, and next we will sign financial agreement as well, Mihajlovic has said.

Minister has reminded that merchandize exchange between Serbia and Turkey amounted to close to a billion euros in 2017, and in first ten months of this year it was EUR850 million.

The Turkish Minister of Transport and infrastructure Mehmet Turhan has said that the project of construction of Belgrade-Sarajevo highway is one of the most important infrastructural projects, significant for development of trade and regional linkage between countries.

“Serbia is an important factor of stability in the region and state with which Turkey has excellent relations. I hope that signing of this commercial agreement will add a new dimension to our cooperation in field of telecommunication and transport,” Turhan has said.

Source: Beta

Photo: Beta/Miloš Miškov

Writes: T. K.