Another success of our young mathematicians


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In the competition of nearly 600 competitors from 107 countries, high school students from Serbia achieved historic success in Romania, winning six medals at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Two of these medals are gold, two are silver and two are bronze.

The team of Serbia consisted of five students of the Mathematical Grammar School and one student from the Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Grammar School in Novi Sad.

Gold was won by Aleksa Milojevic and Pavle Martinovic, silver by Igor Medevedev and Jelena Ivancic, while the bronze was awarded to Jovan Toromanovic and Nikola Pavlovic.

These young mathematicians, who went to the competition with the support of Naftna industrija Srbije, participated in the international competition owing to qualifications in the Serbian Mathematics Olympiad. They point out that the competition in Romania was not easy at all.

Source: Danas/Bizlife

Photo: Promo