Belgrade probably under state of emergency on December 19th


Photo: Beta/AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin will most likely visit Serbia on December 19th, the “Vecernje novosti” daily reported.

According to newspaper, the visit was agreed during Putin’s meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Moscow.

It is added that “capital” economic package of Russian investments in Serbia could be made official during Putin’s visit to Serbia, on which two presidents had talks in Moscow.

Every visit of high officials to Belgrade also represents a real state of emergency, due to security measures.

We think that Putin’s arrival will paralyze traffic in Belgrade. The question remains, how guests will reach their hosts this time, because Saint Nicholas Slava, the biggest slava (patron saint’s day) in Serbia, is celebrated on December 19th.

Source: Većernje nvost/Beta/BIZLife

Photo: Beta/AP

Writes: B.M.