BIZLife in the latest issue: Dacic, Malisic, Jevrosimovic…


The latest issue of BIZLife covers the topic of capable, experienced and successful people, all those individuals and companies that have been building their careers for more than 30 years. Among others, we interviewed politician Ivica Dacic, journalist Vesna Malisic and businessman Veselin Jevrosimovic. We are highlighting the most interesting answers they gave us.

Ivica Dacic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia

The ups and downs are inevitability in everyone’s life, regardless of whether they are professional or private. I think that we should view both failures and successes rationally and cautiously. We should learn a lesson from every success or failure. Success is not linear either, without a fight, and neither is failure. Personally, I try to do my best in every situation. When something fails, it is very easy to say later: it would have been better if I had not done it. But what if it had succeeded? It is important to do one’s best at a given moment.

Vesna Malisic, journalist and deputy editor-in-chief of the NIN weekly

Journalism is a damn profession that you just fall in love with. Just like falling in love with a guy, you do not see that he is dumb, ugly, that he has no money, that he harasses you. You fill in the blanks. I fell in love with journalism. I wanted to get out of journalism a hundred times, and then I asked myself what I could do. I can wash the windows, babysit, but I cannot do without that daily dose of adrenaline. I read all the newspapers, even the worst ones. It is a kind of addiction. After the wars, a large number of men left journalism. Realising that there was no money in it, they went to some other professions, they ran away. At one point, women took over journalism because they are more sentimental, they keep bad relationships for longer.

Veselin Jevrosimovic, president of the Comtrade company

Comtrade mostly resembles a sports club. We are engaged in diverse activities, but we all stick to simple and logical rules, we have clearly divided tasks and we put our heart into what we do. Success is the responsibility of the entire team and nobody allows us to “drop the ball”. I am among the most experienced players, I can say so, the selector and the strategist of the game, but the match is played by the players in the field – engineers, developers, project managers, sales teams and all the other employees. We know each other well, we support each other, we hang out and we thus work better and live better.

Source: BIZLife magazin