“Crime syndicate surrounding postpartum and pregnant women” or simply injustice towards women with large salaries?


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While majority pregnant and postpartum women in Serbia receive the full amount of earnings during absence from work, mothers who have higher salaries cannot count on that.

For them, there has always been a limit, but now it has fallen to just three average salaries from five. Director of the Centre for Moms Jovana Ruzicic believes that the new law discriminates against mothers.

“They pay both major contributions and salaries, and at the time when they do not have to worry state says that the one who receives RSD200,000 or RSD250,000 should be punished in a way,” she points out.

On the other hand, the minister’s explanation is that the abuses are frequent and this is a way to prevent them.

“They call it a crime syndicate surrounding postpartum and pregnant women and they refer to women who are registered employees at their “godfather” Misko for the salary between RSD200.000 and RSD300.000 when they became pregnant,” Ruzicic points out.

She says that another group of women, who are registered for minimum wage but receive rest of the salary in an envelope, also represents the problem.

Ružičić explained that the average, on basis of which the compensation was calculated was 12 months, and now it is 18 months, thus she points out that no one will find it cost profitable to register for a high salary, as one can never know when one will get pregnant.

“Those women who are regularly employed and receive such large salaries have been punished, and they are small in numbers,” she has pointed out.

Source: B92/Prva srpska televizija

Photo: Pixabay