Demolition of the first project of modern Belgrade architecture: A 1927 villa will disappear


Photo: Pixabay

This morning, the demolition of the house at 15 Topolska Street, a 1927 villa, which is considered to be the first project of modern architecture in Belgrade, has begun in the Municipality of Vracar, Belgrade, said the citizens’ association “Topolska”.

The villa is the work of architect Milan Slang. The villa was sold to investors who want to build a new residential building.

The Association adds that the surrounding buildings and apartments are not sufficiently secured and that the walls in some apartments started cracking and that residents experienced strong shakes during the demolition.

At the end of August, the Association sent an open letter stating that the city secretariat for urbanism and construction, led by Milos Vulovic, issued a building permit for a new building at the corner of Topolska and Petrogradska Streets.

Source: N1

Photo: Pixabay

Writes: B.M.