Early elections and the arrival of VW in a collision?


Photo: MUP

Nebojsa Stefanovic, a member of the Presidium of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), has stated that he advocates test of government’s legitimacy whenever the issues if often raised in public, but he has also questioned early elections and whether they are the best path for Serbia.

Stefanovic has stated in holiday edition of the “Kurir” daily that SNS accepts elections if on needs to check the will of the people, but he also added that “state interests and political stability are above party interests for the Progressives”.

“Can we bring Volkswagen if we have early elections? We need to consider what is good for our country and we have authorized the president (Aleksandar Vucic) to make a decision regarding elections, in accordance with these international talks that he will have and with what he sees as the future of Serbia,” Stefanovic has said.

He has added that decision to call for early parliamentary elections depends on “many factors,” including the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.

Source: Beta

Photo: MUP