From now on allowed speed limit on highway up to 130km/h


Photo: A.M.

Serbian Assembly has adopted amendments of the Law on Road Traffic Safety, thus maximum speed on highway will be 130km/h instead of current 120km/h.

While explaining amendments of the law in front of MPs, Minister of Transport Zorana Mihajlovic stated earlier that cars will be able to travel Serbian highways up to 130km/h, which is the speed limit in majority of European countries.

As she said, amendments of that law in Serbia will enable drivers to travel maximum allowed speed on highway that is also legal in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, France, Austria and other countries of the EU.

Almost 200 kilometres of new highways have been built in Serbia in past four years, and this year will see the end of construction of the entire Corridor 10 as well, thus making Serbia the most affordable transit route in this part of Europe, minister stated during discussion in the Parliament.

Source: RTS, Agencije

Photo: A.M.