Heating plants provided an explanation: You are freezing in your apartments because of a single sentence


Photo: Pixabay

Everyone is wondering why we must wait until October 15th for heating to start, heating that we are paying throughout the entire year? President of the Board of Directors of the Business Association “Toplane Srbije” Dejan Stojanovic explains for “Prva” TV station that, to put it plain and simple, those are the regulations.

In order to change them, he claims, decisions by founders of heating plants – cities, are necessary.

“That is a single sentence,” Stojanovic has said.

He claims that, according to valid regulations, October 1st is the date from which they can start with functional and subsequently with hot trials. When it comes to functional trials, during them they test only the functionality of heating, while hot trials mean that citizens will feel warm radiators for a short time.

When asked if he is aware that it is cold outside, especially during morning hours and during the night, Stojanovic says that he is, and that our climate is changing, thus amendment of rules needs to be considered. Rules are as they are right now, and heating plants cannot disobey those rules.

To the conclusion that “same story has been ongoing” for years, people are complaining about cold radiators, media puts pressure, yet nothing changes, and when asked when something actually will change regarding this matter, Stojanovic replies that this will happen when founders of heating plants, cities, make such decision.

“The essence is that decisions and rules must change,” he explains.

Source: Prva TV

Photo: Pixabay

Writes: B.M.