If you are wondering about the ranking of the quality of Serbian roads on the global list…


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Ranking of the quality of global roads has been published in the Global Competitiveness Report for 2017 and 2018. Serbia assumed 100th place at the list of 137 states.

Report has shown that best roads are in the United Arab Emirates and their evaluation is 6.4 points. Singapore is in the second place while Switzerland is in third. Both countries received evaluation of 6.3 points for road quality.

Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Portugal, Austria and the United States are also among the top ten countries on the list, Sputnik reports.

Serbia assumed 100th place with 3.2 points and when it comes to countries in the region Croatia is top-ranked, assuming 19th place with 5.5 points. Slovenia assumed 51st place with 4.4 points, Montenegro is in 88th place with 3.5 points while Bosnia and Herzegovina is 109th.

The last place on the list belongs to Mauritania, which roads have been evaluated with 2 points. Equally bad roads are in Congo (2.1 points), Haiti (2.1 points), Madagascar (2.2 points), Guinea (2.2 points), Yemen (2.3 points), Paraguay (2.4 points), Ukraine (2.4 points), Mozambique (2.5 points), Moldova (2.5 points) and Nigeria (2.5 points).

Source: Sputnjik

Photo: Beta