If you were wondering how much the highest paid citizen of Serbia earns…


The highest paid citizen in Serbia has a gross monthly salary of as much as EUR 240,000, i.e. 577 average salaries, which means that he is richer by about EUR 8,000 every day, i.e. by the price of the cheapest new car, reports the Blic daily.

This is the result of the latest report of the Tax Administration of Serbia, which received 23,238 applications for determining the annual income tax for citizens for 2017.

This is 1,790 tax returns more than they were submitted for 2016. Income tax had to be reported by the citizens who annually earn more than RSD 2,375,136.

The revenues of 100 highest paid citizens range from RSD 40 to 340 million a year. Judging by the most frequently reported professions, the highest paid professions in our country are managers, directors and engineers.

For comparison, the highest reported citizen’s income in 2016 was RSD 220 million gross, i.e. 18.3 million a month, which is close to EUR 150,000 a month. Economist Sasa Dogovic points out that the information that the highest salaries in Serbia spiked dramatically over the last year can be encouraging only if it refers to the private sector. This could be an indication that there were new investments in Serbia that attracted experts and managers from abroad and from the country.

It can be positive if these are the owners of privately-owned companies that have achieved so much work productivity that they can allocate more and more money for managers and engineers. In this case, the title holder is known, the financial means available are known and he/she decides where to invest them and he/she is responsible if the amount invested is not returned, says Dogovic. On the other hand, he says, it is a big problem is these are enormous salaries in the public sector, i.e. if so much money is allocated from the state budget.

Source: Blic