In the past 10 days 200,000 people came: Tomorrow at 8 am Serbia closes ALL BORDERS


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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that tomorrow at 8 am Serbia will close all its border crossings for all passengers in road, railway and river transport. “With the exception of transport trucks, no one can enter anymore. Since the introduction of the state of emergency, 71,180 of our citizens have entered the territory of our country, mainly from the territories of Germany, Austria, Italy and France, 96 percent came from these countries. And that is a big problem for us. Our people are not a problem, the situation is a problem for us. Many of them are highly disciplined. There are exceptions, disastrous…,” Vucic said at a news conference. He said that a total of 200,000 Serbian citizens had arrived from abroad in the last ten days. Vucic announced that intercity traffic would be abolished tomorrow from noon and he announced that the movement of people would be further restricted by reducing the time when they could leave their homes. Vucic said that the phone numbers of those who were coming were being monitored and that it could be detected if they were moving and that the police would pay special attention to certain quarters in Belgrade. “If you see more police officers in Mirjevo and in other quarters, in the east of Serbia, do not be surprised. Do not leave your phones in one place because we have found another way to track movement,” he said. He urged citizens to be the most careful in the next seven days so that what happened in other countries would not happen to us.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Beta

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