Mali discusses package of measures: EUR 100 to everyone after state of emergency, first minimum wage in May


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Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has presented a package of measures prepared by the Government of Serbia worth EUR 5.1 billion, which is half of our annual budget, i.e. 11 percent of GDP.

The package consists of four sets of measures.

First measure

– postponement of taxes and contributions

– postponement of the payment of income tax

– exemption from the payment of VAT

Second measure

Direct assistance in the amount of three minimum wages to all entrepreneurs, flat tax payers and small businesses. The government also proposes the payment of 50 percent of the earnings to those who received a notice of the cessation of work (about 900,000 people).

The first payment is scheduled for early May.

Third measure

Massive liquidity support, EUR 200 million, i.e. EUR 2.2 billion from the Development Fund, cheap loans. These are the loans backed up by the government. This program will not apply to those businesses that reduced their staff by more than 10 percent.

Fourth measure

Assistance to every adult citizen of Serbia in the amount of EUR 100, for which about RSD 70 billion will be allocated from the budget.

This money will be paid upon the completion of the state of emergency.

Corporate bonds

One manner of financing large companies will be the introduction of corporate bonds.

Source: BIZlife

Photo: Beta