Mali: Serbia among top ten European economies


Photo: Beta, Branislav Božić

Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali has delivered a lecture to the youth of the Serbian Progressive Party at the Sports Center Sumice on the topic of “Economic Development of Serbia”, and he said on that occasion that “Serbia is among the top ten economies in Europe and our country no longer competes with the countries of the region.”

“From the negative GDP growth we came to the point where in 2018 our economy grew at a rate of 4.3 percent, which is among the top ten economies in Europe. In terms of growth rate, we no longer compare ourselves and compete with the countries in the region, but with the countries in Europe,” Mali said.

He pointed out that in 2014, the idea of current president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, was the opening of as many factories as possible and the employment of people, and that, at the time, “the average salary was not so important, because people had no jobs,” but that at the moment the goal was to increase the minimum and average wages in Serbia, in order to increase the citizens’ standard of living.

Source: Fonet. N1

Photo: Beta, Branislav Božić