MINIMUM WAGE exceeded RSD 30,000 in Serbia


Photo: BIZLife

The minimum wage in Serbia will be increased by 11.1 percent as of next year, from RSD 155.3 to RSD 172.5 per hour respectively, the Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali has announced.

The current minimum wage is RSD 27,022, and after the increase it will be RSD 30,022.

The decision to increase the minimum wage by 11.1 percent will be made by the Serbian government, because members of the Socio Economic Council could not agree on the amount of the raise even on today’s meeting, Mali has said at a press conference in the Serbian government.

Representative trade unions demanded an increase in the “minimum wage” of around 24.5 percent, and the Serbian Employers Union considered between six and ten percent to be realistic.

Around 350,000 workers receive minimum wage in Serbia.

Source: Beta/Blic/BIZLife

Photo: BIZLife