Minister of Environmental Protection: German Four-Wheeled Polluters Will Be Banned


Photo: Pixabay

Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan said that traffic was the second biggest air pollutant in Serbia and that it is therefore important to control and regulate what kind of cars are imported.

He stated that the import of cars declared for waste in Germany would not be allowed.

He added that, in the future, ecological taxes would not be paid only when importing new cars, but used cars as well. “Electric and hybrid cars are the future in the world, it will be the same in Serbia,” the minister said, adding that the state would help the import of such cars.

He announced that the technical inspection of cars for emissions of harmful gasses would be controlled rigorously.

Trivan said that 26,000 new cars are imported to Serbia annually, along with some 131,000 used vehicles, which he described as a threat not only to safety, but to the environment as well.

“Petty interests shouldn’t be more important than human lives,” he warned.

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay