Minister Trivan: Parts of the world that will be affected by climate change the most will include region of Serbia as well


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The heat, the drought, the heat wave, the heat, the red weather alarm are just some of the words we often encounter in media. The goal of such reporting should not be to make us purchase air conditioners or sunscreens with high UV protection, but to warn us about climate change and condition our planet is in. Among thousands of tabloid newspapers such reporting may sound sensationalistic and exaggerated. We have asked Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan what is his opinion on the matter and what is his impression of headlines that warn us Earth is turning into an oven? Can they be counterproductive?

“They are not counterproductive. I am an advocate of that environmental logic that any, even bad information is available to public because it makes people aware. Embellishment and comments on how good things are and will be have not yielded results, even if someone believed that is the case. Public alarms have yielded results because of the way public reacts. Tonality that media provide is important. One should point out problems that are serious, one should alarm others. “

The Minister has no problem with headlines predicting cataclysm and having a dramatic connotation.

“There is no need not to believe in such headlines. Let me ask you something, did we recently have such summer? No, we did not. Have a good look at Serbia of one or two years ago. All this is the result of climate changes. They are at work. Over the years we had floods and droughts that struck the entire region, today we have how many “acts of God,” Minister has said.

To make matters even more real, Trivan himself had a warning and an alarming announcement for us.

“The region of Serbia and beyond, this part of the Balkans in particular, will be one of the parts of the world affected by climate change the most. Weather will be more and more radical, with more floods, drought, more and more consequences. Afforestation will be the question of all questions, you will see it in time, but it’s not too late. We have to deal with this immediately. Battle with climate changes involves awareness raising and a little bit of money.”

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Pixabay

Writes: B.M.