Ministry opening a kindergarten


Photo: Pixabay

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Zorana Mihajlovic has stated that kindergarten for children of employees of the Ministry will be operational as of September.

“Ministry will refurbish and equip the babysitting room for children of its employees no later than September 1, Mihajlovic has said at the conference “Equality in the value chain.”

According to her, this will be a contribution by ministry that she is in charge of to reconcile parenting and job obligations. Miihajlovic has said that 200.000 families in Serbia live from female entrepreneurs, i.e. female business owners.

“They do not just contribute to their families, but to the entire society, and we have to provide systemic aid in their development,” she has stated.

Mihajlovic has pointed out that this year they will work on bylaws in order to create legal framework, so that female entrepreneurs could have easier access to major retail chains.

“We have been going all over Serbia for years, talking with female entrepreneurs, and we always conclude that the biggest issue is how major retail chains can recognize small and micro enterprises and involve them as well,” deputy prime minister has said.

Source: B92

Photo: Pixabay